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The time on your watch says midnight and you haven’t had time to progress with your revisions yet… Unfortunately you have DS in maths on Saturday, and clearly, we can say that you were taken aback, it you have (very) little time left to prepare: how to avoid disaster?

We prefer to tell you upfront, we’re not going to make you feel guilty. During your studies you will experience periods that are more tense than others. You will sometimes be overwhelmed by the workload the week before the exam. Yes, you’ve fallen behind but there’s still time to save the furniture if you focus on the essentials!

In this article we will give you the keys to raise the bar and successfully complete your last minute revisions! ⭐️

1. You don’t have much time left: manage your stress, prioritize and be strategic!

The first important factor to manage, and not the least, is your stress. The stress of the upcoming exam and especially that linked to the fear of failure. Stress all the more important as you feel stuck in your revisions.

Hello ! We’ll stop you right away: if you let yourself be overwhelmed by stress, you’re going to lose your means and do nothing good. In these moments, showing composure is an essential quality.

Yes, it’s true, you can’t really play on the time you have left… so that’s an excellent reason to optimize it! As you can imagine, no effective revisions at the last minute without a precise organization.

Build yourself a schedule

Let it be said clearly, a schedule is IN-DI-SPEN-SABLE, especially if you’re on the run!

You have no more time to lose: you have to organize your time in the best possible way, and considering all that you have to cover, there is work!

This 30 minutes of organization (and even that can often be done in 10 minutes) is likely to save you a lot of time afterwards, it will be your lifeline in the storm!Spoiler alert: this schedule will only be effective if you stick to it: for the days you have left, be uncompromising with your discipline. Your survival depends on it!

You have three days left, a total of 12 hours of work. You have to revise Maths coeff 2, and History coeffThis gives 8 hours for Maths and 4 hours for History.If you have 4 Math chapters of equal importance, you will have 2 hours to review each one.But on second thought, you’re struggling on proba, so you’re going to give them a slight advantage by giving them 3 hours, and doing 20 min less revision for the other chapters.

💡 In any case, don’t dwell on the details. You’ll come back to it if you have a little time left at the end of your revisions, but in the meantime, you have one priority: to cover the entire program before the start of the test!

👉 Once you have taken all these parameters into account, precisely plan the tasks to be done in a specific to-do for each upcoming slot. The more this to-do will be precise, the easier the workload will be to reduce. Obviously you will have the right to adjust each to-do according to your real progress, it must remain realistic!

👉 Once you have taken all these parameters into account, Planning to perform is the key to success!

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