Proceed pragmatically in your revisions .It’s good, we have planned! Now let’s take action!File if you have 48 hours left before your exam, but target the vital minimum .Revising without worksheets is a bit like going to the mountains without hiking boots: it’s taking unnecessary risks. Plugs are essential for two things.They allow you to learn and synthesize your course. We can never repeat it enough, to write is to memorize.

You can easily train yourself to restore your knowledge.?

💡 Apply the 80/20 technique to your cards. Prioritize the 20% of your course that brings you 80% of the results. But for that your cards must allow you to diversify your way of learning rather than reread them again and again.To make your cards, as to learn by heart, we advise you to use the Supports 2.0 Oxford, Cards & Flashcards, compatible with the free application SCRIBZEE. This will allow you to memorize everything quickly and effortlessly!If you are interested, watch this video of the Sherpas which explains everything about our Flash 2.0! Where and when to revise your sheets at the last minute? 🚋

The advantage of 2.0 revision materials, whether Sheets or Flashcards, is that you can revise them anywhere and anytime thanks to SCRIBZEE, our free app! All your revision sheets and flashcards are saved and available on your phone. A downtime in transport or while eating, there are many opportunities to revise, even if you have little time left before your test!A little extra: during revisions, the Quiz mode allows you to revise your flashcards without having access to the answer, all in a limited time. It’s perfect for testing you in condition!

Train in exam condition: your survival depends on it .

Once you have consolidated your knowledge in the subjects you have to revise, move on to active practice without delay! Choose exos given by your teacher before tackling the annals or topics that have already fallen. Gradually increase the difficulty and time yourself as you practice! For that, nothing better than your old kitchen timer! Your discipline will be crucial, and only you will be able to impose it on yourself. We’re not going to lie to you, it’s not a cakewalk but it’s extremely effective. Exit entertainment, place efficiency.

The good news ? You get used to it quickly and during your next revisions, training in condition will be a formality.

A word of caution: avoid dead ends at all costs

We all have one day or another made predictions in a subject! Of course, it is interesting to focus your revisions a little more on your teacher’s hobby… But not at the risk of making a dead end! Believe in our experience, you have a 99% chance of falling on it!

👉 In short. Making predictions in your reviews at the last minute is yes, but only if it doesn’t waste too much time, and if you promise not to make any dead ends!

👉 Make sure you cover the whole program, even if you don’t really have time to review each chapter in depth, and give a little more time to what is likely to fall.

This is the right way to be strategi2

Don’t worry, you know a lot more than you need! On average in front of your copy, you will only use 30% of what you have learned.

Hang on, that’s how we recognize a good candidate

It goes without saying but there is no question of making a white copy! You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Yes, it will surely be difficult, and precisely! The difference between candidates of equal level is on the mind! It’s up to you to give everything to get the highest score possible in relation to what you are capable of doing!

It only remains for us to wish you good luck!

After what you have just read, you already know more about organization than 80% of the students who pass the same test as you. It will be

Well, next time, try to do it in advance: it’s still more pleasant to prepare with less pressure

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