scientific research project

In English) is a work that aims to present a research idea. The objective may be to obtain funding, an opportunity to publish or speak at a conference.It is therefore essential to present a solid and relevant research project. In this article, we give you many indications and examples to produce a quality research project.Scribbr offers a proofreading service to help you submit an article ready for publication.

What is a scientific research project?

A scientific research project aims to present a research proposal. This research may give rise to one or more scientific publications (conferences, scientific articles) which will then be made public.In summary, it is a question of justifying the interest of a research ideaWhy write a scientific research project.?

It is possible to write a research project for various reasons. Most of the time, this initiative responds to an external request. In a scientific context, these requests can be of different natures:a research funding opportunity (from a doctoral school, laboratory, organization or company).a call for papers within a journal or for a conference (from a doctoral school, a higher education institution, an organization, a journal, etc.)

Who can write it.?

Any doctoral student, researcher or even student (especially in master’s) can present a research project. Sometimes, certain conditions can be established by the institution launching the call for projects: for example, there are certain projects where only doctoral students are called upon to propose research.

When to write a scientific research project?

A research project is built as early as possible. Between the publication date of an offer and the application deadline, sometimes a short time elapses. This period can extend from 3 weeks to 3 months.It is therefore better not to wait to see a call for projects to build your research project, but rather to carry out research (in the context of a thesis, an article), and then to look for calls for projects that could match.

How to find your scientific research project.?

To begin your research project, it is important to proceed step by step. Whether to respond to a call for projects or to anticipate any scientific research, we advise you to follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: find the topic.

To find the subject of your research project, the first step is to conduct bibliographic research.

Google Scholar is a tool that can be effective in finding interesting articles and books.

First, identify the most important articles on the desired topic. This allows you to become aware of the issues and concepts that the subject involves. Some articles are highly cited and placed first in Google Scholar: they are reliable and can be selected.

The last step is to better define the subject of the research project. This stage also makes it possible to begin to bring out a new angle, to issue initial ideas for proble matization.

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